It's about strengthening and developing Emotional Intelligence. 


EQi2.0 and EQ360 Emotional Intelligence Certification –   This Train the Trainer program is for professionals who work in the areas of executive coaching, recruitment, organizational development, employee development, management training, leadership and executive development, education, career development, and HR management and consulting. Offered online, in-person workshops or directly to organizations. 

Emotional Intelligence & Coaching Skills –   This program is built on the foundation of emotional intelligence and enables participants to build their coaching skills to enhance their work and personal environments, and to explore the possibilities of leadership through coaching.  A one-day workshop provides participants with opportunities to practice essential coaching skills in a workshop format.  At the conclusion of the workshop participants will describe their personal leadership style and plan for implementation.  Customized programs available on demand. 


Individual and Team Leadership Development -   Customized programs available.


Research & Evaluation -   Through our partnerships where we have received ethics approval for our research,  we apply for research grants to apply emotional intelligence and coaching to specific sectors such as enhancing essential skills with aboriginal people in the north, or working towards enhancements within academia (coaching in the classroom ) to foster a better learning culture.





Emotional Intelligence & Coaching

The first step in developing coaching skills and must be completed prior to enrolling in the Intercultural Competence and Advanced Coaching Skills program.

Emotional Intelligence for Teams

By participating in team coaching you will develop a culture of trust among members and discover your team’s identify.


Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom

We work with educators and students bringing enhancements within academia to foster a better learning culture.

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