How to Be a Heroic Leader Using Emotional Intelligence

February 13, 2019

 Often, when we’re working with our coaching clients we ask them to think about a leader who inspires them. Someone who leads without ego, who acts with vision and bravery, and who always goes above and beyond for their team.


Who, in your mind, embodies those qualities?


If you’re struggling to think of a CEO or C-Suite leader who leads with their heart instead of their ego, you aren’t alone. More now than ever before, there appear to be gaps in leadership.


These days, the modern leadership climate is laced with distrust, cynicism, and negativity. We doubt the values and morals of our global leaders, in business and otherwise. And the worst part is, we know that by not taking action today, we might be endangering the future leaders of tomorrow.


That’s why it’s so critical to develop skills like empathy, active listening, and personal development to begin to enhance the kinds of qualities we’d like to see embodied in the leaders of today.


As leaders ourselves, it’s our responsibility to develop our emotional intelligence (EI) to become courageous and kind, and to lead our organizations in the right direction.


How to Be a Heroic Leader Using Emotional Intelligence


Lead With Your EQ Instead of Your IQ


“EQ” stands for your “Emotional Quotient,” which is a measure of you emotional intelligence. If you’re not sure how to assess it, we can help.


Society often puts emphasis on IQ (our intellectual skills and abilities), but truly heroic leaders know that leading with emotion and vulnerability helps them connect with others, enhancing their ability to inspire and lead.


Eliminate Workplace Silos


A roadblock to heroic leadership occurs when organizations have typically “siloed” their leadership within different departments. Silos prevent collaboration and communication, and often cause leaders to adopt a “me” message instead of a “we” message.


This is problematic because heroic leaders know that there is power in unity and collaboration. Knowing that “we’re all in this together” can go a long way towards motivating teams in the long run, and helping them feel empowered and supported at work.


Don’t Settle for Mediocrity


Truly heroic leaders don’t settle for the status quo. They are brave enough take a stand for what they believe in, and take the time to communicate their vision regularly to their teams.


Whether this means re-investing in your organization’s succession plan so the new wave of hires feel motivated and empowered to succeed, or by investing in the tools to understand how your team reacts to change so you can all move forward together, working to end the status quo at work is a crucial step towards heroic leadership.


Don’t Settle for The “New Normal”


Declining moral standards and a lack of civility in public discourse have many of us concerned with how to communicate in the era of the “new normal.” But as a heroic leader, it’s your responsibility to stand up for civility, respect, and mutual consideration.


Encourage team members to act with intention, and to leave a positive impact on individuals both in their personal and professional lives.


Now, more than ever, we need leaders who aren’t afraid to tap into their emotions and lead with courage and compassion. Heroic leaders are those who take the time for professional development, and use their understanding of themselves and others to build and manage great teams.


At EI Advantage, we help leaders and team members develop their Emotional Intelligence (EI) to better understand how others approach change, how they deal with change on a personal level, and how your team can navigate challenges together.


Want to learn more about how our services can help you improve your team’s overall performance? Contact us today or reach out on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.


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