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Coaching is a method of engagement that focuses on listening, appreciative inquiry, and curiosity without judgment.  The belief is that the person or group being coached is fully capable of accomplishing their goals, and when seen, heard, and understood, they will not only rise to a challenge but will exceed expectations.  The approach is forward-looking and not punitive.  Relationships are based on trust and openness.  The coach fully supports the outcomes of the learner and is a thinking partner to promote success.  


In the delivery of our work, we will often use assessments to help the client understand their personal operating style or how they approach to change.   Specifically, depending on your needs, we will use an emotional intelligence assessment (EQi2.0), change style assessment (Change Style Indicator) or an assessment to help you enhance your resilience (Hardiness Readiness Gauge).     Programs can be customized to meet your needs.


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Our Approach to Billing

We offer our coaching packages on a 3, 6, 9, 12-month basis.  


We provide coaching on a retainer basis, we don’t charge by the hour. This means we do not charge for each meeting but rather we charge a flat fee for a fixed contract. During the term of the coaching arrangement, your coach will meet with the candidate by phone or skype for one-to-one coaching sessions once every two weeks, on average.  Our coaches are available for quick coaching or email correspondence with the candidates in between our sessions for a new issue, or to simply engage around a challenge.   Again, it’s all included in our flat fee.  We want to ensure your employees have the full support they need from an executive coach, with certainty up front on the cost.


All EI ADVANTAGE coaches are accredited and bound by the confidentiality and ethics of the International Coach Federation and as such, the coaching relationship and content of every conversation with the employee is confidential unless the employee chooses to tell someone about it. More information on the Ethics & Regulation of the International Coach Federation can be found here:         If an organizational sponsor is identified for the coaching candidate, the executive coach will “check-in” with them periodically to share high-level themes and to ensure we have alignment with organizational professional development goals.

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