Hardiness Resilience Gauge (HRG)



Build hardy, more resilient leaders and teams.  Become certified to deliver HRG assessments. The Hardiness Resilience Gauge is grounded in over 30 years of research and development. In this report, you will learn about your own hardiness and how key qualities that you possess can enhance or undermine your stress resilience and adaptability across a range of circumstances. Throughout the report, you will be given developmental strategies aimed at improving and maintaining these key qualities, ultimately providing you with a deeper understanding of how you can contribute to your overall resiliency.  


The HRG focuses on the three C’s – Control, Commitment, and Challenge. The three C’s of Hardiness represent the key qualities that people high in hardiness possess. They believe they have control over the events they experience. They commit to seeing the world as meaningful and interesting, and they view challenges and change as growth opportunities.



The HRG is a scientifically rigorous tool that demonstrates exceptional reliability and validity. Hardiness Resilience Gauge (HRG) The HRG focuses on the impact of a person’s hardiness across multiple domains in their life and supports a wide variety of coaching and development situations. The HRG individual report contains:

  • An introduction to hardiness and the HRG model

  • An overview and interpretation of a user’s total hardiness score

  • A detailed personalized interpretation for each of the 3 subscales and strategies for developing each component of hardiness

  • Information on the balance between a user’s subscale scores and interpretations of the potential impact of imbalances

  • An Action Plan Page

  • A leadership and hardiness page focused on strategies leaders can use to promote hardiness in their team members


COST: $999 (+gst) 


STEP 1:   CONTACT US!    Or register on Eventbrite

STEP 2:   We will contact you to begin the certification process and facilitate registration with MHS to obtain your license and 

                 have your online portal established.

STEP 3:   Learn online with interactive modules.   Issue your own report!

STEP 4:   Schedule your 1:1 coaching call using our convenient online scheduler.   The link will be sent to you 

                 following registration.

STEP 5:   Complete the MHS survey and generate your certificate!


  • Access to the Hardiness Resilience Gauge

  • The ability to take the assessment yourself and receive feedback on your results with an accredited executive coach

  • Facilitator guide, slide presentation, and other resources that enable you to run your own workshop

  • A free online account where you can use the product with your clients

  • Access to our monthly newsletter with tips on building resiliency, enhancing emotional intelligence and managing change

  • Invitations to our complimentary webinars. 


Hardiness Resilience Gauge (HRG) Report

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