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Women in STEM

This program provides research-based content that focuses on skills that are essential for career advancement: authenticity, coaching, emotional intelligence, mentorship, and effective communication. There will be pre and post emotional intelligence assessment, two (full day) sessions followed by one-on-one executive coaching, over a 6-month duration, to help you enhance your professional and personal growth.  Coaching is delivered by our suite of ICF accredited executive coaches.  You will also receive the opportunity to network with other successful women and share strategies for success.     

Why a specialized program for Women in STEM?

The Canada-United States Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders Members have reported increased representation of women in every STEM occupation over the last 25 years and some are already at parity. Some prominent schools are also seeing as much as 40%-55% representation of women in their engineering and computer science programs. 


However, only 25% of senior executive roles in Canadian STEM organizations are occupied by women. This is a far cry from the 59% of Canadian STEM graduates who are women. In a highly competitive world, companies in these sectors may never reach their full potential as the number of men in the pipeline shrinks at the same time that some of the most creative and innovative women are not advancing. The challenge before us is to help these women achieve workplace readiness and hone their leadership skills.  It's good for business. 

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Our goal is to work in partnership with associations and organizations in this sector.  Contact us if you are interested in partnering. 



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