Thank you to our clients.  It has been a pleasure to serve you and watch you accomplish your goals.

I have to thank you for the many resources and tools you provided through your Emotional Intelligence and Coaching program, I have to say that day in and day out I find an opportunity to use the valuable learning – truly working on keeping those monkeys off my back!”   ~HR Labour Relations Specialist, Academia, Saskatchewan



Our client base is largely indigenous.  Working with Janice & Hayley and by adopting a coach approach we appreciate cultural differences and guide our clients to actions respectful of their own style and approach.   Through our measurement and assessment system, our clients report that this new approach has empowered them to seek their goals and often exceed their own expectations”.       ~K. Velthuys, Executive Director, Youth Employment Services, Manitoba


"As an academic environment, we have found the Emotional Intelligence and Coaching approach to be a good fit, given that it is grounded on the science of emotional intelligence, for which there is a wide array of supporting literature.  As well, given the opportunity to examine our personal operating style (emotional intelligence) and how we interact with others has been insightful.  The coaching skills framework is simple to implement and we are finding it to be a helpful approach in not only how we communicate with our students but collaborate with each other.   While we are still in early stages of implementing these new skills, this undertaking has begun to refresh and renew our culture giving our faculty the opportunity to “think differently” and therefore “lead differently.”     ~Associate Dean, Academia, Saskatchewan



Based on our coaching conversations I have now landed a job in Ghana following my passion doing international development work”.       ~Program Manager, Not for profit industry, Ghana



It has been exciting working with Janice! During our first consultation, I felt she truly heard where I was in my career and that I was searching for more. Janice has provided excellent guidance and tools assisting in defining my values, my professional strengths and improving my resume. It has been encouraging and motivating!      ~Manager, Transportation Industry, Winnipeg



Janice’s coaching helped me to define what I wanted to do in my encore career from the Military experience. It made me realize the large amount of transferable military job skills that I have to offer in the civilian sector. The coaching skills assisted in pinpointing what I was comfortable with doing in my encore career and what areas out in the civilian sector that I should be searching. It also made me realize that there are a great number of places in the civilian sector that my skills could be utilized to a great degree.”          ~D. Benson, 17 Wing, Winnipeg



Just wanted to let you know that it was because of our coaching conversation last week that I was able to feel comfortable chatting with [my employee] on a new level to advance some performance issues, and casually to boot!”   ~Program Coordinator, Not for profit Industry, Winnipeg



I am grateful to work with Janice and have received her professional coaching.  Janice is gracious, genuine, clear and true to her intentions of helping others reach their professional goals”.   Courtney Fraitzl Program Developer & Project Coordinator, British Columbia

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