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Paper Planes, Inc. is a simulation that focuses on teamwork, collaboration, organizational effectiveness, breaking down silos, engagement, and customer service. This award-winning change management simulation allows groups of employees to learn the value of redesigning how they work, internalize those insights and bring them back to their jobs while also providing insights on how an organization or team can prepare for changes within their organizations.

During the simulation, participants play the roles of employees in an aircraft manufacturing company — assembler, inspector, tester and so forth. Teams have an opportunity to sell as many planes as they can make that meet specific visual and performance quality standards defined by the customer and also have the opportunity to redesign the process. Paper Planes Inc. materials come in a kit geared towards the number of participants involved.

There are 3 production runs:

Run #1 – Traditionally Designed System
Participants run a pre-designed production system for making planes

Run #2 – Participatively Designed System
Participants experience first-hand the impact of employee involvement on quality, cost, commitment and morale by
working with a system they have designed as a team.

Run #3 – High Performing System
Participants learn that through collaboration and continuous improvement efforts, significant changes take place. These are changes that are easier to implement and maintain because of the participants’ ownership of the change process



Watch the Paper Planes Simulation in Action

COST: $999 (+gst)



STEP 2:   We will contact you to begin the certification process and facilitate registration with MHS to obtain your license and 

                 have your online portal established.

STEP 3:   Learn online with interactive modules.   

STEP 4:   Schedule your 1:1 coaching call using our convenient online scheduler.   The link will be sent to you 

                 following registration.

STEP 5:   Complete the MHS survey and generate your certificate!


  • Gain a first-hand understanding of how engagement and collaboration can improve key organizational outcomes, including cost, quality, customer experience, and employee satisfaction.

  • Learn how to work together across functional boundaries and help individuals “own” their work, becoming more invested in team and organizational success.

  • Break down barriers to organizational success and team-based change while reinforcing the power of teamwork and communication.

  • Access to our monthly newsletter with tips on building resiliency, enhancing emotional intelligence and managing change

  • Invitations to our complimentary webinars. 


Paper Planes Brochure


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