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This is what sets us apart from our competition.   We provide you with the management information you need to make your organization to be successful. 

Coaching clearly benefits individuals and companies through heightened self-awareness.  This translates into behaviors conducive to stronger performance, teamwork, and leadership, all of which can positively influence a company’s bottom line. We use a tailored approach to assess program effectiveness for our clients depending on their needs.  Information and analysis are designed to support informed decision making and to help you direct resources where they are needed most. 


Our Approach



To evaluate the effects of training, EI Advantage collects and aggregates data from pre and post surveys, individual assessments, and qualitative feedback to identify strengths and weaknesses, opportunities for improvement, and actual improvements.  It is possible to do this for both small teams and large groups/company divisions.  All results and comments in our reporting are anonymous to comply with ICF ethics and the Canadian Psychology Association.


Quantitative assessments

We use emotional intelligence assessments. EI Advantage can generate overall EI profiles according to teams, divisions, gender, age, etc.  This is useful to gauge predominant EI strengths and gaps to identify key areas to strengthen.  It is important to note that highs and lows are occupation dependent and that individuals might not fit average profiles. 


Qualitative assessments

We can collect qualitative data where individuals provide comments on aspects of their training/coaching before, during, and after the program.  We use software that helps to analyze trends and patterns in the written and audio commentary.  It is possible to analyze results by division, age, gender, rank, etc. to gain valuable insight into differing beliefs and attitudes.


We provide monitoring, evaluation and reporting to give you the management information and ROI you need to be successful. Our roster of ICF-accredited professional coaches bring coaching expertise from a variety of sectors. Our coaching services are available in English and French.  



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