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EQ-i and EQ360 Online Certification 

The first step to leading differently is learning how to think differently. With certification, you can bring emotional intelligence into your organization to improve performance for individuals and teams. This program is for professionals who work in the areas of executive coaching, recruitment, organizational development, employee development, management training, leadership and executive development, education, career development, and HR management and consulting. Offered online, in-person workshops or directly to your organization.   REGISTER! 

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Workplace Report 

Leadership Report 

Group Report

EQ360 Report

Higher Education Report


Each report includes a Coach Report, complete with coaching questions to guide your discussions with your client or employee.  Contact Us!


EQ-i and Coaching for Individuals                                                                   

Strengthen your leadership.  Take the EQ-i Leadership assessment, receive your customized report, plus one hour debrief, and two 30 minute coaching sessions. [Customized package].


EQ360 for Leaders                                                                                                           

The EQ 360 is a multi rater measure of emotional intelligence (EI) designed to provide you with a complete “360-degree” view of your emotional and social functioning. Your report combines your self-evaluation of EI with that of your raters, providing you with a rich understanding of your EI capabilities.   [Customized package].


EQ-i for Teams                                                                                                      

Building a solid foundation as a team requires you to understand yourself and your operating style as well as your group’s operating style.  Teams have their own emotional intelligence and interact at more than just the individual level.  Building awareness of how your team operates at the group level is the first step for success.  Understand your group’s strengths as well as the areas where the group as a whole is in need of improvement.  You will understand the organizational implications of your group behavior.  By participating in team coaching you develop a culture of trust among members and discover your team’s identity.  What do you want to be known for? [Customized package]

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